ERC Claims announces a new fast payout option for Employee Retention Credit.

If a business applies for the employee retention credit now, it could wait 16 months or more for payment, according to the IRS. ERC Claims has developed an innovative solution that could allow business owners to see their money in as little as 2-4 weeks.

For any business considering whether or not to apply for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), the time it takes to receive its refund from the IRS becomes a major consideration. The most recent guidance from the IRS suggests that for applications filed from now on, expect a wait of 16 months and more. This expectation will only increase as the number of applications for this credit increases.

Enter ERC claims with their innovative fast remittance option for qualifying businesses. Describing it, Alison Coates, Business Development Manager, explained it, saying, “our quick refund option is a pretty simple concept. We see our customers waiting longer and longer to receive their payments from the IRS without any site improvements – in fact, quite the opposite. We wondered if there was a way that we could essentially “advance” the money to a business so they could have their money in weeks instead of months. Since so many companies could do with that money now, and not next year, we decided to go ahead and see what we could do. Now, I’m incredibly happy to announce that we’ve just launched our “Rapid Rebate” option. It is available to businesses that retain us to apply and wish to receive their funds within 2-4 weeks of submitting their case to the IRS. Businesses will need to have a minimum claim of $100,000 to qualify, but for businesses that do, it can be a lifesaver. This means that for companies that choose to go this route, they can have their money in weeks and put it to good use now, instead of having to wait for an unknown amount of time which could prove costly for them. . We hope this helps a lot of businesses out there.

Asked about the service provided by ERC Claims, she commented: “We are here to help companies claim ERC and nothing else. Any company or business that wants a team of specialist CPAs to review their documents and find the absolute maximum possible discount need only complete the simple quiz on our website. It will take you 2 minutes! To work with us you will need to have a minimum of 5 W-2 employees, which excludes the owner and his family, and to qualify for the ERC itself there is a maximum of 500 full-time employees. although there is no limit on the number of part-time employees.

She concluded, “The rules are complex and constantly changing, so it’s very difficult for CPAs who don’t specialize in ERC to keep up to date with what’s going on. I mean no disrespect to any CPA, but I liken it to a medical procedure. For example, would you like an anesthetist to do your heart surgery? No, because although they are doctors, they do not have the adequate training. It’s a similar thing with this (although obviously not lethal). Your CPA most likely hasn’t had the extensive training required to become a specialist in that particular area. And rest assured (or at least your CPA can), we’re not trying to poach clients. That’s all we do. Nothing else. Many CPAs refer their clients to us precisely because they cannot do so themselves. That should tell you a lot. Of course, if you are a CPA and would like to refer clients, you can also contact us. »

If businesses want to claim the employee retention credit, it is important that they get expert help. As with most things, there is a DIY route, but the risk of errors and omissions is great and professional assistance is advised.

ERC Claims is one company providing this assistance. Although they cannot expedite a claim in the normal course of events, businesses now have the viable option of receiving their money in 2-4 weeks with the new Prompt reimbursement of ERC claims.

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