Enrollment Opens for DMV Program to Expand Freeway User Fee Payments

RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ/DMV Release) – Drivers looking to save money have a new option, according to the DMV of Virginia: enroll in the new Mileage Choice program at their next vehicle registration renewal.

The program is a voluntary option for drivers of electric, hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicles who pay the Commonwealth’s highway usage feesaccording to DMV.

Instead of paying the fee upfront at enrollment renewal, customers who participate in the Mileage Choice program will only pay for the actual number of miles flown throughout the year. Customers who drive less than 11,600 miles per year (the number of miles driven by an average Virginian each year, according to DMV) will save money. For those who drive more, they will never pay more than their right to use the motorway.

Customers must register before renewing their registration. Here’s how:

To register: Before renewing your vehicle registration, create an account with Emovis. You will need your vehicle information and a valid credit or debit card to create an account. Emovis will send you a device to place in your vehicle to report the mileage.

Install the device: When you receive the mileage reporting device, follow the instructions provided by Emovis to install the device in your vehicle and fully activate your account. You will also need to download a smartphone app to record an initial odometer reading.

Conduct: The kilometers traveled will be recorded by the device, up to the amount of the motorway usage charge.

“We not only continue to provide options for Virginians at DMV, but we are looking for innovative and effective solutions to save our customers time and money,” said Acting DMV Commissioner Linda Ford. “By choosing to participate in the Mileage Choice program, customers can pay less, but will also spread their freeway usage charges instead of paying a lump sum per year.”

To register or learn more about the program, visit dmvNOW.com/VAMileageChoice.

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