Driver frustrated with pothole damage without payment refund | Local

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) — If you’re taking a road in Michigan, you’ve probably encountered a few bumps along the way and maybe even suffered the consequences of taking a road with inevitable potholes.

Chester Hagen owns Chet’s Auto Service in Flint and says there’s never a week that he doesn’t see frustrated drivers in need of pothole repairs.

“We get a few every week,” Hagen said. “They come in and complain because their steering really isn’t straight on the vehicle, the car vibrates or feels loose, slamming.”

Flint driver Stanley Gill is now facing more than a thousand dollars in repairs after hitting this pothole on Martin Luther King Ave. in Flint.

“It’s not lunch money, it’s like a mortgage payment,” Gill said. “This problem is somehow holding you back.”

It’s happened more than once for the Flint native. He keeps repeating that he can’t avoid the roads riddled with deep holes.

Gill says the insurance won’t cover the cost of the damage without increasing her monthly premium. And when he submits claims to the city of Flint, each time, they are denied.

“I think it’s unfair to us as citizens of this city that we have to pay taxes that we don’t benefit from and we have to pay these potholes, it’s just unfair to me,” he said. Gill said.

Gill says he can’t afford to deal with the repercussions anymore and the potholes are driving him out of Michigan.

“You come in with your vehicle and tear that vehicle up, it won’t make anyone want to come back to Michigan,” Gill said.

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