digisaathi: DigiSaathi: RBI Launches 24/7 Helpline for Customer Digital Payment Requests

The Reserve Bank of India and the National Payment Corporation India have launched the DigiSaathi, which will help customers of payment systems, including cards.

DigiSaathi contact details

  • Toll Free (IVR): 14431 or 1800 891 3333
  • Website: digisaathi.info + Chatbot

“This initiative will help customers respond to queries in digital payments, including cards. Currently, it is available in two languages ​​– English and Hindi; we are working to include all vernaculars. In the future, human intervention could also be included,” said TV Ravi Shankar, Deputy Governor of RBI. Questions about products and services:

  • Information on various products and services, viz. Cards (debit/credit/prepaid) – POS/ECOM, UPI, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, AePS, NETC, BBPS, USSD, PPI Wallets, ATM, QR (UPI/Bharat), CTS, MTSS, TReDS, NACH, Mobile and net banking.
  • Provide the contact details of the various participants in the payment system (banks and non-banks), as submitted by the participants.

The customer can submit questions about digital payment products and services, and the most relevant and appropriate information will be provided to the user as soon as possible. The queries/questions posed will be reviewed regularly to keep the FAQs and answers up to date, according to the Digisaathi site.

What is Digisaathi? How will this help customers?

DigiSaathi is a 24 hour information hotline for digital payment goods and services. The platform is set up, controlled and maintained by NPCI on behalf of a group of payment system operators and participants (banks and non-banks) to help the Indian payments industry thrive.

Various players in the payment industry (banking and non-banking) have joined together to create the www.digisaathi.info website, chatbot, IVR or any mobile and/or web application (collectively, the “Platform”) for end customers using payment products. /services offered by various players in the payment industry for obtaining information on digital payment products and services in line with the vision of the Reserve Bank of India.

Note that the backend of the platform is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) bot. The bots will be trained regularly over time to improve their responses and accuracy, according to the Digisaathi website.

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Elaine R. Knight