Debt payment problem with DTEK Renewables to be settled following verifications – Guaranteed Buyer head

The issue of payment to DTEK Renewables for green electricity generated at the expense of placement of NPC Ukrenergo Green Bonds will be resolved after verifying the correctness of the accruals, said Acting Director of Guaranteed Buyer Andriy Pylypenko.

“I can assure you: this money is in the account. When it is paid, it will depend on when the situation with this money is determined. Today I have before me two management decisions radically different from the previous leaders. It is a decision of the first director, who said that everything is fine with the calculations, that they are correct and that the funds should go to everyone. There is a decision by the following director, who said: there are errors in the regularizations, ”Pylypenko said in an interview with the Internet portal for energy reform.

According to him, today an interdepartmental working group and an internal working group are working on the audit. In addition, an inspection by NEURC has been appointed.

According to the head of the guaranteed buyer, he asked the Cabinet of Ministers to take the initiative to control the activities of the company during the change of management, as provided for in the charter.

“In order for this to be objective for all market players, it is desirable that an external body finally put an end to it. A working group reporting to the Ministry of the Economy or a controller appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers or NEURC. Yes, you are doing the right thing or not – wrong, right here, “Pylypenko said.

He also specified that the controls concern all of the more than 900 counterparties with which adjustments have been made, in order to ensure that they are correct or to observe errors.

At the same time, Pylypenko expressed the hope that companies that have already received funds will not have to return them, for example. “I hope that doesn’t happen, but we need to verify the correctness of the accruals,” said the manager of Guaranteed Buyer.

At the same time, he expressed the wish to close the payment issues and settle the dispute as soon as possible. “I would like to speed up this process, because no one needs the conflict. It has become very difficult for the Guaranteed Buyer to operate effectively in the conditions of this conflict,” said its current leader.

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Elaine R. Knight