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As the online sale of goods and services grows in popularity, businesses, especially international ones, need solutions to accept payments from customers online. Cryptex offers a solution for everyone on the network.

MOSCOW, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cryptex, a secure, cost-effective, and confidential payment gateway that is fundamentally different from conventional gateways that require the use of bank cards. The recently launched crypto payment gateway, which has already been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Zero Hedge, allows business owners and consumers to use not only fiat currencies such as rubles, dollars and euros, but also cryptocurrencies for online transactions. .

The crypto-processing technology used in the payment gateway makes it easier for businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrency and fiat currencies to bypass the use of bank cards and add an alternative payment method. Anyone can sign up for the payment gateway from Cryptex on the official website.

“Bank cards limit customers’ choice of payment method and make it difficult to pay in foreign currencies. Not all websites, gateways, and acquirers can provide conversion from local currency to dollars or euros. For such purchases , customers should open an additional account and issue a separate currency card. This may discourage potential customers,” said one of the Cryptex developers.

“Due to the blocking of Russian Visa and Mastercard cards, Russian citizens cannot pay for services and goods from international companies. Cryptocurrency helps to level this problem and gives access to purchases to citizens of any country, because only a crypto wallet is needed for payment. Connecting cryptocurrency gives companies the opportunity to expand their customer base internationally,” he added.

Cryptex gives users the ability to use different currencies, including USDT – the analogue of the dollar in the crypto world. It is also possible to accept crypto payments and pay at a store, restaurant or any other physical business. Since the specifics of cryptocurrency transfers do not allow for chargebacks, businesses are protected against customer fraud.

“There is no need to open a checking account for cryptocurrency transfers, they only require a wallet. Cryptex can be used to accept payment for professional services. For example, if someone a works as a writer or designer, and his clients cannot send payment to their bank account, they can easily use this alternative method.

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Cryptex is a payment solution for online businesses, including high-risk businesses.

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