Credit card payment coming next year for transport in Bangkok

One thing expats often find different from home when they move to Thailand is how much of the country is cash based as so many western countries almost exclusively use credit cards and digital payments. But soon, people won’t be surprised looking for change to catch a bus or train, as the Ministry of Transportation has announced that credit and debit cards will soon be accepted as a form of payment on Bangkok public transport. .

With a launch date slated for March next year, the plan will eventually allow payment by Europay Mastercard and Visa cards on buses, trains and electric boats, according to Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob. The new payment method will apply to all transportation operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, including the Metropolitan Rapid Transit and the State Railway of Thailand in the city.

The purple line and blue line of the MRT and the Red Line city train of the SRT will be the first to initiate payments by credit and debit card. In addition to specific city boats and buses, the option of paying by credit or debit card will be available for highway tolls, a great convenience for commuters across the city.

Krungthai Bank has teamed up with the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand to bring this payment system project to life with the aim of modernizing transport payment in the capital. It is in this country that Bangkok will soon have a fully integrated payment infrastructure with a seamless incorporation that will allow cashless payment and move away from the days of scavenging for small change to buy a ticket for public transport.

THE SOURCE: National Information Bureau of Thailand

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Elaine R. Knight