Conroe’s new utility billing system will provide a fixed payment option for water usage


The City of Conroe is moving to a new payment system for utility customers that will allow them to pay a fixed amount each month based on their average water usage.

Average Monthly Payment Plan Follows City’s 2% increasee on water and sewer bills as part of the 2023 budget.

Karl Brosch, utility billing manager, presented the plan to the board at its recent shop meeting.

Currently, the city has a rolling monthly average which also takes into account 12 months of bills. A customer’s bill would be different each month. However, this system did not make it possible to take into account possible water leaks that would cause high consumption.

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“The rolling average will not allow our billing department to make adjustments to the calculation of a monthly bill if the customer has leaks,” Brosch said, adding that Councilman Harry Hardman and acting CFO Collin Boothe had asked him to consider implementing the new Payment System. “That’s one of the reasons people didn’t choose the AMP program.”

Brosch explains that the invoice would be checked twice a year to determine if the reserve amount for a customer is too high and adjusted accordingly. He said that on average the reserve amount would be between $100 and $150.

The program is expected to be operational by October 4.

“It was a lot of hard work and I appreciate you pulling it off,” Hardman said. “It’s not in time for this summer, but for next summer, but (the payment system) will be a little less cumbersome and people will be able to budget their work better.”

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Elaine R. Knight