Claiming a missed child tax credit payment


Many Americans received their last prepayment on December 15, but some still have not paid their child tax credit.

This may be because they have stepped back and are awaiting that final payment, or they have chosen not to claim the full payment in 2022.

Advance payments were part of the American Rescue Act to help families in financial difficulty due to COVID-19.

Anyone who hasn’t received the payments will have a chance to get them back with their taxes in 2022.

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How to tell if you’re missing child tax credit payments

To be sure, first verify that you are eligible for child tax credit payments.

You can check using the CTC update portal through the IRS.

If you find that you are eligible but are still missing a payment, check if you have the correct address and the correct banking information.

Sometimes the payment is just late.

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You can check under Payments Processed to see if the payment has been sent.

You need an account and an IRS username to use the portal.

If and when you confirm that the payment is actually missing, file a Form 8812 with the IRS to try to recover it.

Child tax credit and tax season 2022

A letter is being sent to families in early 2022 detailing what they have received for the advance payments.

This helps to avoid errors or late payments.

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If the letter shows an amount you did not receive, complete a Form 3911 to trace the payment.

Before requesting a trace, the IRS wants you to follow guidelines based on your situation.

You have to wait 5 days after the day of the deposit and your bank tells you that it has never received the payment.

For a sending by mail to a standard address, the waiting period to file a trace is 4 weeks. People whose checks are sent to forwarded addresses must wait 6 weeks, or 9 weeks for an overseas address.

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