City of Cold Lake expands online payment options

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The City of Cold Lake is updating its payment systems to make it easier to pay for licenses and fees online.

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“We’re looking to improve the whole process and make it more customer-centric,” Mayor Craig Copeland said in a March 3 news release. “With improvements to our payment options, people will be able to apply for things like business licenses or development permits, and pay for them directly online, all in a few quick steps without the customer having to pay a additional credit card.”

Currently, most people choose to pay for these items at the City Hall counter, as the current online system is difficult to navigate.

Although the new online payment option will cover a variety of licenses and fees, there are still three things that won’t change: taxes, utility bills and accounts receivable.

These invoices can still be paid online by credit card through a third-party system, but any credit card or merchant fees associated with the payment will have to be paid by the customer.

“We will still accept payments at City Hall,” Copeland said. “But we wanted to give people an easier option to pay at home or on the go.”

The new payment options system will have no effect on Energy Center or Cold Lake Golf and Winter Club purchases, as these are fulfilled through a different system.

A rollout date and a list of licenses and fees that can be paid for using the new online payment system are being finalized.

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Elaine R. Knight