Brink’s Introduces New Digital Cash Payment Product

Cash management, logistics and payment solutions company Brink’s Company introduces a new product brand called BLUbeem by Brink’s, a digital treasury solution to accelerate and simplify digital payment methods, according to a Press release Thursday (December 16).

Customers using BLUbeem get a technological device that Brink will place in a secure location at a customer’s home. All cash deposits made by the customer are recorded in the BLUbeem mobile app and the cash is transferred to a device on site.

Once Brinks is able to digitally confirm the deposit, the customer is credited. After that, both parties agree on a mutually convenient time for Brink’s to collect the money.

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Brink’s said it has partnered with payment service providers to offer BLUbeen as part of a “comprehensive package of cash and card payment solutions,” the statement said.

“By integrating digital cash management, these payment providers can now offer their customers improved, real-time visibility of cash flow and the ability to make on-site cash deposits that settle as quickly as payments.” digital. “

Next year, Brink’s plans to integrate BLUbeem into point-of-sale (POS) systems. The end goal is to provide retailers with a complete solution from the platform interface that works with all payment options.

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Next year, Brick’s plans to integrate BLUbeem into point of sale (POS) systems with the ultimate goal of bringing BLUbeem merchants into point of sale (POS) systems. In 2022, Brink’s plans to integrate BLUbeem into point-of-sale (POS) systems to offer merchants a complete solution for all payment methods directly in the platform’s user interface.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in the white space market. We estimate that approximately 1.6 million outlets in the United States do not have an effective solution for handling cash payments, ”said Rohan Pal, chief digital officer.

“By creating business partnerships with digital payment companies, we can leverage their sales channels to reach these merchants,” Pal added.



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