ARBA Permanent Payment Plans: Who They Are For and How to Access Them

the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) activated a series of permanent payment plans with the aim that Buenos Aires taxpayers can regularize tax debts that expired on December 31, 2021.

The program considers the sectors framed by taxes Real Estate (Basic and Additional), Automotive, Sport Boats, Gross Income and Stamps.

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How to be a beneficiary of ARBA payment plans

ARBA indicates that the procedures can be performed in person, by approaching one of the service centers who are part of the Agency. But it is also possible to do it virtually, since users can access the website

The ace debts include those who were in the training phase with payment options of up to 60 installments, and those that are being verified: in this case, it can be paid in a maximum of 48 installments, but they must have paid an amount equivalent to 10% of the full plan.

Cristian Girard was the promoter of the plan.

Previously, the program only allowed to regularize debts accumulated as of August 31 of the previous year, but an update began to take effect on April 4. In these situations, it was necessary to have a subscriber 30% of the amount due.

Outraged, OR He clarified that it will be necessary to execute a 5% advance. The intention of the expansion was to grant new facilities added to the existing ones and to offer SMEs an alternative that would relieve in the face of major economic difficulties and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Any financing of moratoriums require CIT key (tax ID); have the tax address and contact details declared and updated correctly, as well as full payment of legal fees and costs. Anyway, permanent plans were not the only measures taken by the state entity to avoid complications with the Treasury.

During the first week of May, Residents of Buenos Aires were able to access a 10% discount on the term payment of the second installment of personal vehicle license plates and a further 10% was subtracted from the original amount if citizens of the province were registered to send the ballot by mail or debit. After registration, the bonus was made automatically.

The patent payment bonus was renewed for the second consecutive time.
The patent payment bonus was renewed for the second consecutive time.

Despite the advantages, the entity has had several difficulties in advancing the collection in the neighborhood. In recent weeks, the ARBA has launched a vast operation to control the agricultural sector and has detected that approximately 13,400 rural item holders had not been included in the system and, at the same time, they had detected Irregularities related to the payment of Gross Income. For this reason, Girard stressed that checks will be intensified on those who have “a high contributory capacity”.

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The tax burden decreases, but even today, non-conformities continue to be recorded. There are thousands of fields of more than 50 thousand hectares where there was production, but there is no declared income. That’s why we started to bully them,” said the official, who added that another of the agency’s initiatives concerns financial aid to municipalities affected by the floods.

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