Amazon brings Palm payment to the ballpark

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After launching its cashier-less technology Just Walk Out at Houston’s Minute Maid Park ballpark earlier this month, Amazon has announced that it is bringing Just Walk Out and Amazon One to Seattle’s T-Mobile Park – the first time that the two frictionless retail technologies will be showcased at a Major League Baseball stadium.

The technologies will be showcased at the site’s new Walk-Off Market, where the goal is to eliminate lineups so Seattle Mariners fans can spend more time watching baseball.

Amazon One, which debuted at two Seattle-area Amazon Go stores in September 2020 and launched at select Whole Foods in Seattle in April 2021, lets customers use their palm to pay for items. The technology is supposed to feature custom algorithms and be highly secure. This will be the first time it has been used in an MLB ballpark.

The Walk-Off Market is expected to open this summer. It works when fans insert a credit card at the front door or place their palm over an Amazon One device to enter. After completing their store, they simply “exit” and the credit card they used or linked to their Amazon One ID will be charged for whatever they picked up from the store. Customers without the Amazon One palm recognition service can register in less than a minute at nearby registration kiosks, Amazon said.

Walk-Off Market will be operated by Sodexo Live and will sell Coca-Cola products, snacks, baseball fare and Mariners-branded merchandise. It will also offer beer (craft, domestic, and imported), Northwest wines, and ready-to-drink cocktails, though shoppers will be required to show photo ID when purchasing alcohol.

“The Walk-Off Market is built for speed. From the menu offerings to the store layout to Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, everything is designed to give fans what they want and get them back into the game as quickly as possible,” said Catie Griggs, President business operations of the Seattle Mariners.

Sports stadiums have become an attractive place for technology companies and food service entrepreneurs to implement new technologies.

Last week, San Francisco-based Instacart, in partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment, unveiled his caper counter AI-powered POS system at Boston’s Fenway Park. The Caper counter, available in select areas of Boston Stadium, including Truly Terrace and Walk Thru Bru, visually detects and identifies items based on their shape, color, key features and size. Customers place items for purchase on the Caper counter where they will be automatically detected and added to cart for payment. Customers then select “pay” and choose between credit card, loaded ticket, or team rewards as the method of payment before continuing on their way.

As with T-Mobile Park, the goal is a streamlined and seamless shopping experience for baseball fans so they can get back to the game faster.

“On average, Caper Counter reduces transaction times by approximately 65%. We are excited to continue bridging the gap between in-store and online experiences through our omnichannel solutions and look forward to expanding our partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment in the future,” said Lindon Gao, Vice President of engineering for Instacart, in a news item. Release.

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