AdCombo examines the topic of payment services and their necessity

The financial issue in CPA marketing is short. AdCombo shares his own experience on how to choose a financial service in affiliate marketing

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, November 17, 2022 / — The financial question in CPA marketing

Every day, affiliates around the world launch thousands of ad campaigns in different traffic sources. The choice of source mainly depends on what the affiliate can work with, which rules he knows best about the sources and, of course, where he gets the maximum return on investment from advertising campaigns.

Whatever the source of traffic chosen by the affiliate: he must use the payment services to pay for the advertising campaigns and withdraw the profits made.

Purpose of payment services.

These services allow people to issue virtual or even plastic cards for personal needs. For example, to pay for goods online, to buy various services and, of course, to pay for advertising campaigns.

The need for payment services and virtual cards for affiliates.

Virtual cards in CPA marketing are essential resources to intensify advertising campaigns. For example, on Facebook, one of the most popular traffic sources, a card can be added to an account. If a publisher needs to run a large number of campaigns at the same time, they must have many different maps. Banks, according to their rules, usually give a limited number of cards to a person. Payment services with unlimited card issuances are the lifesaver.

Main points to consider when choosing a payment service.

There won’t be a long list of services. Many comprehensive lists, different Tops and comparisons can be found on the Internet, and the search will not take much time.

The basic criteria for choosing the most suitable service are listed below, so special attention should be paid to:

Card issuance and service fees;
How many cards can be issued;
Money transfer and withdrawal commission;
If there is a limit on the money spent;
Card replenishment methods;
How long has the payment system been on the market? opinions and recommendations;
The BIN number of the card (the first six digits) is crucial. If the BIN is overused, the Affiliate’s advertising account may be subject to the risk payment process. The advertising campaign will not be launched until the restrictions are lifted.

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