4 Million Signatures for $ 2,000 Monthly Payment Petitions |

Several petitions are circulating asking the president to provide monthly stimulus checks of $ 2,000 until the end of the pandemic. It has now racked up around 4 million signatures as coronavirus cases and deaths continued to decline in the United States.

But as these cash payment movements continue to gain traction online, that support is not translating into pressure on members of Congress.

Petitions calling for new stimulus controls

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The largest Change.org petition for recurring cash payments until the end of the pandemic – started by Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner in Denver – is asking the House and Senate for legislation that would provide monthly payments of $ 2,000 for adults and $ 1,000 for children.

There are six other petitions that call for monthly petitions and have gained support in recent months.

The first, smaller petition calls on Biden and the Democrats to publicly approve giving everyone a UBI of $ 2,000 per month until the crisis is over. More than 389,700 people have signed the petition since its launch over a year ago.

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The second, smaller petition calls on the Biden administration and Congress to immediately provide more than $ 2,000 for every American per month.

The third calls on the Senate to pass legislation that would provide monthly stimulus checks of $ 2,000 for the duration of the pandemic to the unemployed and those earning less than $ 130,000 a year.

The fourth petition calls on the federal government to fight for monthly payments.

The fifth petition calls on Joe Biden to support a group of senators who have called on the White House to include new direct payments in the next federal stimulus bill. The sixth calls on the government to give its citizens monthly stimulus checks of $ 2,000 and has collected 31,000 signatures.

Collectively, the seven petitions attracted over 3,913,400 signatures and continued to receive support over the weekend.

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