2022 stimulus check update: 1 New England state distributes $850 payment

What did the Stimulus Check Maine just go through? More than 800,000 Maine residents could receive an additional stimulus check worth $850 as early as June of this year.

On April 20, Governor Janet Mills – a Democrat – signed into law the new $1.2 billion supplementary budget which includes provisions for direct payments to residents. The goal is to help working families in Maine deal with rising costs for food, fuel and consumer goods.

The bill was backed by Democrats and Republicans in the state and contains a $20 million provision that will pay for two years of community college for some students graduating between 2020 and 2023.

Maine stimulus check: who is eligible?

Last year, Maine’s relief program specifically targeted those working during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time, however, the relief program is designed to help low and middle income people in Maine who live in the state full time.

Full-time residents of Main who have filed a 2021 personal income tax return and meet the income requirements will be eligible for a $850 check.

Residents earning less than $100,000 and filing their taxes individually, whether single or married, will be eligible for the check. Anyone filing as a head of household earning less than $150,000 will also be eligible, as well as couples filing jointly with an income of less than $200,000.

Stimulus check may arrive by June

The checks could arrive very soon, with the governor’s office saying many can expect to see the checks arrive by June of this year.

Any subsequent rounds of stimulus checks still due to Mainers will be sent on a rolling basis throughout the year as tax returns continue to be received.

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